Video Editing & Youtube for kids 9-18 y.o.

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KS is a virtual learning environment kids enjoy.
Students build their portfolios, get certificates and participate in competitions.
They learn programs like Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and iMovie.

What kids learn
  • Setting a Project and Import Video Clips
  • Color Adjustment, transitions, Temperature and Tint, Color Vibrance and Saturation
  • Audio Levelling, Adding Text, Unlink and Nest, Speed
  • Thumbnail, creating youtube channel and uploading videos
  • Post and optimize videos with titles, descriptions, tags and more

Why parents love KS?

Our dedicated teachers help kids to achieve important goals


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Once a Week
(45 min classes)
$150/4 weeks
Once a Week
(1-hour classes)
$200/4 weeks
Twice a Week
(45-min classes)
$280/4 weeks

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We provide enrichment classes that help kids learn about their strengths.
When kids get real-life skills they become more confident and eager to apply them in their lives.
Your child can find activity that fits him/her best and become more determined!
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We provide a virtual learning environment kids enjoy, with friendly and experienced tutors.