We raise people who are proud to be who they are and who make a difference
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    lessons conducted
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    teachers from all over the world
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    web pages and applications made by kids
Yasin Sayed
Lead Teacher
The company launched as Kiddy Coders and specialized in coding classes only.
Yulia Gufranova
Founder and CEO
Sunbla Khan
Director of Operations
We added a Kiddy School DBA and started to offer different other classes like math, digital art, and video editing. Also, we started to do free workshops for kids every month on different topics, to keep them busy during the COVID-19 pandemic.
We launched a sign-in option and personal account for students.
Olga Iushkova
Director of Sales and Customer Service
Sales Department appeared
Yulia Gufranova
Master's Degree in Psychology and Economics and co-author of the Psychosomatics book.
She is a mom of three kids with 5+ years of experience working with children.

Yulia believes that the school-age is the best time for kids to understand and develop their talents, build confidence and self-esteem, so by school graduation children would know themselves well enough and choose a career path they enjoy.

That's why we need to let kids try different activities and choose the right ones for them, which would train and feed their hungry brains.
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