Coding classes for kids 6-18 y.o.

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Different IT pathways
based on your child's interests
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Our coding programs

IT pathways based on your child's interests

Curious Beginners
  • Introduction to Computer Science
  • Block-based coding with Scratch
  • Stories, animations in Scratch
  • Intro to 3D games
Experienced Beginners
8-10 y.o.
  • 3D Game Development in Scratch, Roblox
  • User interactions in PictoBlox
  • API
  • Hardware interactions
  • Intro to Python
10y.o. and up
  • Animations in Python
  • Game Development
  • Novel and Graphics Creations
  • Animations and Game Mechanics
  • Virtual robots
Professional Developers
12y.o. and up
  • Full-Stack Web Development
  • Artificial Intelligence & ML
  • Application development
  • Cybersecurity

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KS is a virtual learning environment kids enjoy.
Students build their portfolios, get certificates and participate in competitions.

Why to learn coding at early age
  • Coding develops logical thinking.
  • Kids learn how computers work - the tool they need in any career they will choose.
  • The younger kids are the faster they learn.
  • Kids learn teamwork, creative and presentation skills.
  • Students learn possible pathways in IT and choose the right one for themselves.

Why parents love KS?

Why kids love KS

Our dedicated teachers help kids to achieve important goals

How it works

A teacher introduces the subject to a child, identifies his or her level, and understands the learning goals.
We will make a custom curriculum for your child according to the goals and the child's interests. We will choose day and time for classes that work best for you.
  • Certificates of achievement
  • Virtual classrooms & progress report
  • Chat with teachers & homework help
  • Competitions & rewards
The learning process includes
You will see the progress and homework in your personal account.


Once a Week
(45 min classes)
$150/4 weeks
Once a Week
(1-hour classes)
$200/4 weeks
Twice a Week
(45-min classes)
$280/4 weeks

Each plan includes 100 % personalized learning

Chat with the teacher

Weekly meetups

Progress reports and homework

International competitions

Building portfolio

*Other class durations and frequency are available upon request

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide enrichment classes that help kids learn about their strengths.
When kids get real-life skills they become more confident and eager to apply them in their lives.
Your child can find activity that fits him/her best and become more determined!
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