Top 5 Online Coding Platforms for Kids
Children can start learning Computer Science and programming themselves at 5 y.o. already
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When kids discover the way to turn their imagination into reality coding becomes a fun and entertaining experience. They can develop their characters and stories in such programs like Scratch, Python, Web Development, and other Scratch is one of the best courses to develop a kid's interest in the programming world. Through different games, kids can easily learn the basics and essential parts of the coding world. It is a heart-touching moment for a mother to see her child creating stories, characters, drawing, and sketching programs at a young age.
Learning to write programs stretches your mind, and helps you think better, creates a way of thinking
To let your kid start learning how to program at an early stage of his life may be your best decision for his successful career. Because kids learn faster than any grown-up adult. There are a lot of platforms where you can find useful and full of fun online coding courses for your child.
Coding is Love & Coding is Life
Here are the top 5 online coding game platforms that your child can use to start learning the basics of Computer Science and programming. is the most frequently used online coding game platform among kids, learners, and teachers as well. They confer useful information through games, videos, and programs. You should never miss this website if you are looking for an ideal platform that acquires the attention of your child in programming and IT. You may obtain plenty of useful resources, apps and inspirational videos on this website for your kid.
A friendly user online coding games platform for a kid, who inspires them to learn basic coding through simple, logical and fun games. They provide you with basic ideas about all programs so the kid can easily gain his interest in a specific program and make a career in that field.
Code Avengers is one of the best online coding platforms that involve mathematics, logical operations and intellectual ways to create new programs. You can start up with 7 days trial on each of the courses like scratch, python, etc.
Let your child play online coding games with their favorite monster who will teach your kids javascript through fun, simple, and interactive short sessions. It will not keep your kid bored all the time, but force him to think of new ideas and designs of his dream on the computer.
Blockly teaches programming through puzzles and block games. Kids can create their own stories by clicking and dragging different blocks and solve problems. After creating a story, your child will be allowed to check the result of their creation in action mode.