2D Collector Game in Python - Workshop

Create your first game in Python and share it with friends!

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What is the workshop about

We’ll design a 2D game in Python using the Pygame library. In this game, we’ll have a character collecting random floating objects around the screen to score points.

SpongeBob will collect random Krabby patties(burgers) moving around the restaurant to score points. We’ll use mouse motion to control our character.

What kids will learn
  • Introduction to Python programming language. 
  • How classes, functions, and variables work together in the Pygame library to develop a 2D game.
  • How to convert media files into your program and add logic to gaming characters in Python.
  • Randomization, conditions and loops.

Why parents love KS?

Why kids love KS

Why is it important to start coding early
  • Coding develops logical thinking.
  • Kids learn how computers work - the tool they need in any career they will choose.
  • The younger kids are the faster they learn.
  • Kids learn teamwork, creative and presentation skills.
  • Students learn possible pathways in IT and choose the right one for themselves.

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