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-Digital Art
-Video and Photo Editing, and more
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What is Kiddy School?

Interactive online classes for kids K-12
Professional instructors who constantly improve
their teaching approach

Certificates of achievements
Virtual classrooms with topics and progress reports
Chat with teachers and homework help
Competitions and rewards

We believe every child has his own strengths and weaknesses.

Our goal is to help kids unlock their strengths by finding the right activity and develop their talents.

At Kiddy School students can try different courses with
a monthly fee

14 days - risk free period!

If your child doesn't want to continue the classes after the first 2 weeks - we'll return your money.

About the Founder

Master's Degree in Psychology and Economics and co-author of the Psychosomatics book.
She is mom of three kids and 5+ years of experience working with children.
Yulia believes that the school-age is the best time for kids to understand and develop their talents, build a confidence and self-esteem, so by the school graduation children would know themselves good enough and choose career path they enjoy.

That's why we need to let kids try different activities and choose the right ones for them, which would train and feed their hungry brains.

Yulia Gufranova

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Chat with the teacher
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Virtual classroom
Contests and reward system
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(twice a week)
From $290/mo
Personalized learning
Chat with the teacher
Homework help
Unlimited live workshops
Virtual classroom
Contests and reward system
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Free workshops every month

Your child is capable of more than you know.

Help him unlock his potential and

choose the right direction.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the format of the classes?
All classes are held in live virtual format, one-on-one or semi-private. 
Who are the teachers and where they are from?
All our classes are taught in English and most of our tutors are from USA. But we do have teachers from other countries as well. 
Instructors get training by certified Lead Teachers before they start working with kids. 
What does monthly fee includes?
- virtual classrooms;
- certificates of completion;
- participation in internal and external competitions;
- chat with the teachers and homework help;
- free workshops every month. 
Is there any trial period? 
There is a  2-week guarantee - if your child doesn't want to continue after 2 weeks of study, we will return your money.
What are technical requirements for classes?
Computer: PC (Windows XP or later) or Mac (OSX 10.7 or later) with at least a 2GHz processor and 2GB of RAM (4GB of RAM is recommended). For Scratch, Python and Web Development students can also use a Chromebook (with a built-in webcamera, 2GHz processor and 2GB of RAM).
Internet: Broadband internet with at least 1.2Mbps download and 600Kbps upload speeds.
Webcam: Either external or built-in (many laptops have an integrated camera).
Microphone and Speakers: We recommend headphones with a built-in microphone. But any microphone and speakers will work fine in a quiet room.
Is there any commitment when I sign up?
There is no commitment. You can stop the classes anytime through the year by the end of your billing period.
What is a make-up policy?
We do provide make-up classes but we require at least 4-hour cancellation notice, otherwise, you will be charged for that class (if it's not an emergency of course).
How do I pay?
We send you the link and once you pay for the first month you will be charged on the same day on a monthly basis.
Do you have any sibling or multiple courses discount?
Yes. There is a 10% sibling discount and every third course you enroll to goes with 10% off from a monthly fee.
Can my child's friend/sibling join the class for free?
Yes - as long as they are using the same computer. 
How can I track my child's progress?
Each student has virtual classroom where you will see the topics they learn and homework. We also send monthly reports with teachers' notes. 
How can I contact the teacher?
You will have a chat with the teacher - for faster and direct communication and homework help.
Will my child get any college credits or anything?
We don't provide any formal credits but participation in different competitions as well as any personal achievements in specific fields always benefit students when they apply for a college. That's why we issue certificates after course completion and to all competition participants. Students can use it as a prove in their college application. 
Do you give homework? 
Homework is very important in learning process. For most of our courses kids do have homework and even an option to do the extra work. We implemented a homework performance reward system to motivate kids. They get points for regular and extra homework, and once they get specific number of points we reward them. 
What laptop would you recommend for my child who learns coding?
Please request a brochure with the list of laptops we recommend, based on your budget -
Member of Computer Science Teachers Association