Lesson Structure
Kids like routine
6 components to keep class structure similar

In the beginning of each class share your screen and dedicate the first 2-3 min to saying these affirmations together with the child (*please skip this step if you feel uncomfortable to do it).

2.Review a homework

Review Homework and ask if the student remembers what he learned in the last class. Check if he has any difficulties with that.

3.New topic

Introduce new material through screen sharing. If the student didn't understand the last topic - go through it again.

4.Brain breakes

Time for the break! This is for classes that last 60min and longer. Here are some simple warm-up activities: https://www.weareteachers.com/brain-breaks-for-kids/.

5.Practical part

Allow students to do a practical part but work with them as they do it, having them share their screen every once in a while.

Work on problem areas.