Class Structure

IMPORTANT! Before you start the class make sure your student knows:

  • how to launch Zoom without parent's help (help the student to bookmark the webpage with Zoom link on his browser)
  • how to access Google classroom, check and submit homework.

1.Ask a student these questions at the beginning of the class:

  • How was your week (if the classes are once a week)? What was the best thing that happened to you last week?
  • Do you remember what we did in our last class?
  • Let's see your homework... How difficult was it from 1 to 10 where 10 is the most difficult?

* We recommend homework to be challenging a bit so the best rate we want to hear from students would be 4-7.

2.Introduce the new topic

3.Practical part - let the student do some problems or try to do a project using the new topic.

4.Ask these questions at the end of the class:

  • What did you learn today?
  • What was difficult for you to understand?

5.Assign homework.

IMPORTANT! If you teach any coding class, math, reading/writing (ELA), or language course, you shall update Google classroom after each class with the note and assigning homework.

Template of the note:

Session focused on: We worked on dividing fractions with fractions and whole numbers and reducing the answer.

Student is doing good at dividing fractions with whole numbers and fractions

Student is still struggling with: reducing fractions

Homework assigned: complete problems with fractions.

If you teach any coding class, math, reading/writing (ELA), you shall also update the Monthly Progress Report by the end of each month by indicating child's level of topic understanding and putting the date.

*Since most of our classes are one-on-one the curriculum can be customized to specific students needs so feel free to adjust progress reports by adding/removing topics.

If you don't have access to any of these documents let administrator Sunbla know at or Whatsapp.

6-month Report

If you care about your student's progress - parents will see that and would stay with you as long as their child wants it. The more extra effort we put into making our classes effective the longer students will be staying and re-enrolling with us every school year.

That being said we encourage all teachers to send a short report in the chat with student every 6months, pointing out what has been covered so far and how the student is progressing.

The additional note will be always helpful for parents to keep track of how their child is doing at Kiddy School.

Please see a template of such a report and an example.