Ghost Hunter Game in Scratch
Free Coding Workshop for Kids 6-11y.o.
October 17th & 24th, 6-7pm EST (New York)

Ghost Hunter Game in Scratch
Free Coding Workshop for Kids
October 17th & 24th,
6-7pm EST (New York)
Let your child join us for an exciting and free Halloween Workshop designed especially for future young developers! In this hands-on session, kids will dive into the world of coding using Scratch, a beginner-friendly platform. They'll learn to create their very own Halloween-themed game, bringing their spooky ideas to life through code.
What kids learn
  • 1
    Introduction to Coding
    Kids will get a gentle introduction to coding concepts, such as loops, events, and conditionals. Scratch's visual programming environment makes it easy for young learners to understand the basics of coding.
  • 2
    Building a game involves overcoming challenges and solving problems. Kids will learn the valuable skill of breaking down a complex task into smaller, manageable steps to achieve their desired results.
  • 3
    Logical Thinking
    Scratch encourages logical thinking as kids arrange code blocks to make their game function correctly. They'll learn how to sequence actions, make decisions, and control game behavior.
  • 4
    Presentation Skills
    At the end of the workshop, kids will have the chance to showcase their Halloween game to their fellow participants and possibly even to family and friends. This experience fosters presentation skills and boosts confidence.
  • 5
    Problem-Solving and Debugging
    As kids work on their projects, they'll inevitably encounter bugs or issues. They'll develop problem-solving and debugging skills as they identify and fix these problems, promoting resilience and determination.
  • 6
    Love for Learning
    Most importantly, this workshop aims to instill a love for learning and coding in young minds. It's an opportunity for kids to discover the joy of creating their own interactive experiences.
About the intructor
About Kiddy School
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