Christmas Gift Card

Digital Art Course for kids 8+
  • 3 live classes
  • No drawing experience required
  • Dec 7-21st, Thursdays 7-8pm ET
  • $35 per course
This course is for your child if:
Your child has an interest in art and enjoys creating
They are curious about digital tools and technology
They love the holiday season and want to make something special
Beginners welcome – all that's required is enthusiasm!
Does your child have a love for art and a curiosity for digital tools? Our Digital Art Course is the perfect playground for young creatives. This course is tailored for children who are eager to experiment with digital art and create a unique digital keepsake, using the open-source graphic design program Krita.
3 components of the course:
  • Fundamentals of Krita: Kids will learn to navigate Krita’s interface, use basic tools and brushes, and set up their canvas for digital painting, all tailored to crafting a festive Christmas gift card.
  • Design Principles & Techniques: They will explore essential design principles like color theory, composition, and layering to create eye-catching digital art with a holiday theme.
  • Introduction to automation: By the end of the course, each child will have designed and completed a personalized digital Christmas gift card, ready to be shared with family and friends as a heartfelt holiday surprise.
Why your child should enroll
  • 1
    Boost Creativity
    The course offers a fun and engaging way for children to express their creativity and imagination, especially in creating festive artworks.

  • 2
    Learn Digital Art Skills
    Children will gain hands-on experience with Krita, a professional digital art tool, building a foundation in digital art techniques.
  • 3
    Enhance Computer Literacy
    Participating in this course will improve children's computer skills, an essential aspect of today’s digital world.
  • 4
    Create a Personalized Gift
    The course culminates in creating a unique digital Christmas gift card, perfect for gifting to family and friends.
  • 5
    Cultural Exposure
    Children will learn about different holiday themes and symbols, enriching their cultural understanding and appreciation.
  • 6
    Interactive and Fun
    The course is designed to be interactive and enjoyable, ensuring children stay engaged while learning something new and valuable.
Prize for the best project
The top project creator will receive a special prize - a T-shirt featuring their own unique design, delivered by mail right to their doorstep.
About the Instructor
Catherine Nagle, an accomplished artist and illustrator, excels in various styles including portraits and book illustrations. She has academic credentials in Digital Design and Animation (BS, Rasmussen College) and Web/Graphic/Multimedia Design (AS, Lincoln College of New England). An experienced teacher, Catherine was awarded Teacher of the Year in 2018, recognized for her effective and engaging teaching methods. She is skilled in software like Photoshop and Illustrator, and her recent projects involve audio/video post-production and creating educational tutorials for renowned training groups.
About Kiddy School
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Let them explore the vibrant world of digital painting and illustration, and watch as they bring their imagination to life on a digital canvas.